The team at Risen Creative has been building website for over a decade – remember good ole’ FrontPage?

We take pride in our knack for striking balance between form and function, with an overall emphasis on user experience.  We understand how consumers think and we know how to help businesses design a website that will resonate with their consumers.

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch and need to secure a domain, hosting, etc or you have an established web presence and you would like to take it to the next level – we can help!  We’ve designed sites for businesses ranging from aesthetics to apparel to fitness to even medical.   We’re even experienced in search engine optimization (SEO) – important to helping ensure your site ranks high in organic/natural search on popular search engines like Bing/YAHOO and Google.


The Website Design Process


We discuss what you’re main objectives are for the website, talk about design direction, content development and set expectations of the website design process.


Once the overall look and feel is determined, we will work with you to develop the site architecture.  This is a list of all of the pages that will be included in the website and where they will be located.


A website design mock-up is provided for review.  Client provides feedback and adjustments are made to the mock-up.


The content for a website is a very important and personal to your business.  We provide you with a form to collect the content (text) you would like on your site.   If you need help creating content – we’re always here to help!


This is where the marriage of design and content take place.  Our expert designers will work their magic and begin creating the graphic interface that your customers will see.


Your site is now 95% complete and almost ready to go live.  We provide you with private access to your site to make sure everything looks great.  Once we receive the approval, we will officially launch your website.

Website Pricing

We receive a lot of inquiries asking us about the cost of developing a website.  To be quite honest, it’s very difficult to provide an accurate quote without discussing your business and your objectives with the website.  If you’re looking for a ballpark figure… somewhere around $130 – $200/page.  The average small business informational website is approximately 10 pages, so between $2,000 – $3,500 for an average website.  E-Commerce (online shopping) sites are more expensive, since they require a lot of additional backend coding to function.

It’s key to remember that your website is one of your primary marketing tools and it can have a positive substantial financial impact on your business.

Responsive vs. Mobile Website

With the popularity of smartphones it’s important for your website to look great on these devices.  In the past, websites were not developed to be viewed on mobile devices.  We’re sure you’ve visited this type of site on your smartphone – you probably did A LOT of zooming in and out to navigate the site – worse are sites developed in Flash.  Flash isn’t supported by mobile web browsers, so users just receive a blank grey screen if they visit this type of site.

Our latest websites are coded to be “responsive”, which means they’re mobile friendly.  Based on the browser and screen resolution, the site automatically formats itself to be easily viewed on a mobile device.  We also create what is called a mobile site – it is a separate site developed just for mobile users.  Let’s discuss the differences…

Responsive Website


– Only (1) Site to Update Content On
– Works on All Browsers
– No Extra Cost


– Doesn’t Utilize Capabilities of a Mobile Device
– Images Aren’t Formatted For Mobile Device
– Can’t Vary or Used Targeted Content for Mobile Users

Mobile Website


– Targeted Content to Mobile Users
– Takes Advantage of Mobile Phones Call, Text and Mapping Feature
– Properly Formatted Images to Mobile Device


– Additional Site to Update
– Additional Cost
– Only Works on Mobile Browsers

How to Decide

That is why you hire Risen Creative, we’re here to assist you in deciding what marketing and advertising is best for your business.  We traditionally advise clients if they’re seeing > 18% – 20% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s time to invest in building a mobile site.  

Having a mobile site also allows us to run targeted PPC ads to mobile users (if we’re managing your Online Advertising campaigns).

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